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ITA offers a collegial environment where we work together to support our business journeys and thrive. Being an ITA member gives you access to many experienced technical and business people. You can be a part of a bigger group whilst maintaining your independence. Each part of the country can only have one ITA member, although we do sometimes overlap.

Business network – share and receive valuable insights into running a successful IT business today.

Engineer development – invite your techs/engineers to be a part of a bigger group; learning, contributing, developing.

Access new skills – do you need to have all the skills in-house, or can you afford to? ITA members regularly do business with each other.

Access resources temporarily – Got an awesome opportunity, but unable to resource it on top of existing work? Call for support!

Leverage across the ITA – we work together on combined projects and initiatives, which help to leverage being a part of a bigger group.

Welcome to your safe space – we meet regularly via Teams and we get to know each other, meaning you are no longer just on your own like so many business owners.

Annual conference – we get together to decide on our next year’s way forward and to discuss issues and opportunities that challenge us all, and yes, it is social as well.

To be clear, the ITA is not a member organisation, it is an organised group of members. Members are expected to be regulars at online meetings, to take part in other activities, and to make a contribution where they can. We will never force anyone to be a part of something that does not suit their business.

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