We are professional IT companies, each located in their region around NZ, who have come together to help each other deliver more to ourselves and our clients.

We are a group of peers and operate collegially. Each of our members values the long-term relationships they build as trusted IT partners to their clients.

In 2014 and 2015, there were several Microsoft partner briefings where successful partners laid out a vision for like-minded IT companies to work together to benefit themselves and better serve their clients. Invitations were selectively given to companies around NZ with proven reputations. The inaugural members gathered in Wellington in 2015, and the first version of the IT Alliance was born.

Since then, we have worked together, moved forward, and gained the respect and trust of each other required for a group of individual businesses to work together.

We have ensured that IT Alliance membership doesn’t add more than a minor administrative overhead to our businesses.

Members feel their membership adds value to them and their businesses without compromising their independence. Being a part of a larger organisation with many heads and pairs of hands is a benefit to progressive IT companies today.

We also have fun, and many solid relationships have formed.

Our Vision (shared purpose) – Supporting and benefiting members to be stronger and more profitable.

Our Mission (how we do this) – Share ideas, support each other, and work together in an environment of trust.

Our Values (shared beliefs and behaviours) – are integrity & honesty, professionalism, value-adding, trust, consistency, customer-ccentric, and capability.

Who we are

Locally owned, independent IT companies serving businesses and other organisations around NZ, but coming together to be stronger and better.

Membership has benefits

We offer a collegial environment where we work together to support our business journeys and thrive. Being an ITA member gives you access to many experienced technical and business people. You can be a part of a bigger group whilst maintaining your independence. Each part of the country can only have one ITA member, although we do sometimes overlap.

Business network – share and receive valuable insights into running a successful IT business today.

Engineer development – invite your techs/engineers to be a part of a bigger group; learning, contributing, developing.

Access new skills – do you need to have all the skills in-house, or can you afford to? ITA members regularly do business with each other.

Access resources temporarily – Got an awesome opportunity, but unable to resource it on top of existing work? Call for support!

Leverage across the ITA – we work together on combined projects and initiatives, which help to leverage being a part of a bigger group.

Welcome to your safe space – we meet regularly via Teams and we get to know each other, meaning you are no longer just on your own like so many business owners.

Annual conference – we get together to decide on our next year’s way forward and to discuss issues and opportunities that challenge us all, and yes, it is social as well.

To be clear, the ITA is not a member organisation, it is an organised group of members. Members are expected to be regulars at online meetings, to take part in other activities, and to make a contribution where they can. We will never force anyone to be a part of something that does not suit their business.

Local to you – IT Members are located close to you, in your part of NZ, meaning they understand your region and can support you and your team at your premises when needed.

Owners who front up – IT Alliance owners live in your community and will front up to you and take ownership of the service they provide.

A partnership for your business success – IT Alliance members prefer to build long-term and trusted IT partner relationships with their clients. Know you are dealing with someone who puts this ahead of short-term transactions.

Huge experience and skill – Our Alliance contains some of NZ’s top professional IT engineers and technicians. Behind us, we have a network of dedicated specialist hardware and software vendors

Support local jobs – By spending your IT budget with your local IT Alliance member you are supporting jobs in your region. Those wages and salaries are then spent back into your community.

Small enough to care – Your business is important to your local IT Alliance partner. We are used to working with SMEs, know what you need, and that the big national IT companies often fail to deliver.

Depth of support, without the overhead – While your local IT Alliance partner can draw on resources and skills from a much larger group of experienced IT people, they don’t have the overhead of paying for a corporate HQ and support staff located elsewhere. These savings help keep them competitive, which is good for you.

One-stop shop – Generally, your local IT Alliance partner can supply all your IT needs. You’ll have one contact for almost everything, making things easier for you and meaning we can deliver you a better service.

Outward and forward-looking – IT Alliance members are outward and forward-looking and keep up to date with what is going on in the world of IT, so they can deliver you cost-effective solutions and services that help you be competitive and productive in your industry/market.

Why you should get your IT from an IT Alliance member

IT Alliance members are local around NZ, building trusted IT partner relationships, and offering you the solutions and support you need for your business success.

Do you have clients around NZ, and need local IT ‘hands-on’?

We offer hands on IT support most places in NZ (and growing). If you are a national chain or franchise, we can provide the support you need. If you are an international company looking for NZ support, perhaps we can make your life easier.

Reliable regional IT partner – IT Alliance members are in many regions around NZ. We are building this network. If you need to be able to get reliable technical people ‘hands-on’ around the country, then get in touch.

Cost-saving and flexibility – You’ll pay for your local IT Alliance member of course, but this is usually better than travel, accommodation, and the downtown that often occurs with sending your techs around the country. We are already located in the region you need to support.

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